CHAUD collection 2020


A project by Antonija Livingstone

It was a pleasure to do the video for this project – quoting Antonija:AGORA Montréal 30/09/20- 03/10/20
Merci aux accomplices bien aimées
Mich Cota Kìzis, Stephen Thompson
Brendan Dougherty
, Nyda Kwasowsky
Winnipeg Monbijou
outside ears eyes hosts Jamila Johnson-Small
Su-Feh Lee
Brian Solomon
Hanako Hoshimi-caines
video Andrea Keiz
2 years of wild beyonding performance practices from farmers fields & forests to chateaux & squats
Breaking down barricades, rallying with the blank flag of protest / wave of love…
Heaving tons of fresh horse shit, gold glitter and unsettling compost into galleries, museums, the streets…
Dripping wet, smoking hot…tender embers…
Thank you all so much for all the care full companionship from near and far.
This is a love letter from here in the garden : keeping a safe and a dangerous distance.
A long pilgrimage : to be continued….