Casina Settarte

A place in the very south of Italy. In the year 2000  I was there the last time. It was a different place in the same area. The „old“ Casina Settarte. We, a group of dancers, have been invited by Germana Siciliani and Francesco Zita to dance and improvise with the place, with the objects, with each other and with the video camera. 2023 they invited me to come back.

During the time I stayed, the summer program was running. I could follow the Workshop „Tuning into the Wild“, co-guided by Yuko Matsuyama, Nico Lippolis and Francesco Zita. For more information about Casina Settarte see

Teaching at „out of the toolbox festival“ 23rd and 24th of August in Gent!!!!

Perception as a source for Movement Improvisation is the base of my work. Perception is an active process, that leads us to physical choices in our own dancing as well as in the image production in the field of dance.
Starting from the body and reflecting on how we perceive we will develop a playful journey through a landscape full of well-known and new movements and perspectives. Using a frame (maybe of a camera) will support our journey. In the morning we will start moving to awake the senses. The afternoon will focus on how to translate sensorial experience to imag(e)ination. No previous knowledge in video work or specific physical conditions are needed.
A Workshop in the frame of OTT in Ghent 21st to 25th of August. Still some places left!

first day: What do you see if you turn your head

second day: And – Action!

Amongst a great cast of teachers I offer one workshop: „What do you see when you turn your head“, on perception and decision making. Feeding a lot into improvisation as an artform. Open for every body. And next day the workshop „And – Action“ will focus on creating a collective video on the spot.

Summer Festival

n o t a f e   2 0 1 8

8  –  1 4   j u l y

i n   V i l j a n d i ,  E s t o n i a

In this years Festival I will not teach, but facilitate the lunch talks. If you don’t know the festival yet: it is a great combination of sharing, learning, moving, showing, watching…..enjoying the company of old an new friends. Figure out the program: and see you there!

Performance: Zufall trifft Kennen

Wednesday, 17th of January
at Somatische Akademie Berlin, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30, 10999 Berlin

mit Adalisa Menghini, Andrea Keiz, David Bloom, Heike Kuhlmann, Ingo Reulecke, Ka Rustler, Katja Münker & Susanne Martin

Instant composition / Echtzeikomposition inspiriert von somatischer Erfahrung und Praxis.

Ohne Anmeldung
Abendkasse 7 bis 15 €
Einlass ab 20:15
Beginn: 20:30