Summer Festival

n o t a f e   2 0 1 8

8  –  1 4   j u l y

i n   V i l j a n d i ,  E s t o n i a

In this years Festival I will not teach, but facilitate the lunch talks. If you don’t know the festival yet: it is a great combination of sharing, learning, moving, showing, watching…..enjoying the company of old an new friends. Figure out the program: and see you there!

Performance: Zufall trifft Kennen

Wednesday, 17th of January
at Somatische Akademie Berlin, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30, 10999 Berlin

mit Adalisa Menghini, Andrea Keiz, David Bloom, Heike Kuhlmann, Ingo Reulecke, Ka Rustler, Katja Münker & Susanne Martin

Instant composition / Echtzeikomposition inspiriert von somatischer Erfahrung und Praxis.

Ohne Anmeldung
Abendkasse 7 bis 15 €
Einlass ab 20:15
Beginn: 20:30